Running: what today’s routine training run told me

Today’s run: perfect day for it, though some of the drivers in the park were completely careless. The District 150 teachers had their meeting and some drove up the Bradley Park hill too damned fast. But it is District 150 so what does one expect? 🙂

Still, the run, while untimed, felt good and not at all like my usual Thursday slog. Reason? My guess is that I walked 3 miles yesterday instead of doing my easy 2, “quicker” 2. That tells me that my usual Wednesday workout really isn’t that easy for me after all.

I also thought about this: of the older guys that I know that are burning up the 5Ks, none ever moved into marathon running. The long stuff does take a toll, especially over time. I am not sure what that means for me, as I am starting to enjoy the semi-long walks yet again.

Politics I think that getting passionate about a candidate or a cause makes you…well…maybe not stupid but it does give you a massive blind spot. And I can see why people get attracted to candidates that make no sense at all.

For example: I honestly DO like Donald Trump, even though what he says makes little to no sense at all and, were he somehow to win the Presidency (and I doubt he’ll even stick it out during the primaries), he’d be a disaster. But in a way, he is my kind of guy; one not afraid to tell mediocrities to STFU.

And as far as the Bern-o-bots, they remind me of the Wendy Davis supporters. Yes, I actually LIKE the candidates and respect what they do or try to do, but I consider their supporters to be off-the-rocker crazy. But I suppose that “FAN” is short for “Fanatic”. And don’t get me going about those “activists”; they are enough to get me to consider voting Republican.

I have to remind myself that not all stupid, know-it-all idiotic activists are liberal:

But, but…”that’s different!”


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