Bernie Sanders: not a leader

I admit that I like that Senator Sanders has a Keynesian approach to economics (demand side economics) and is speaking to wealth inequality and the problems that it causes.
I don’t like his stance on science issues though.

But this really bothered me:


Evidently Senator Sanders went ahead and let some kooks (aka “activists”) hijack one of his rallies.

So, is that how a President Sanders will do things? Will he set an agenda only to let some activists come in and change his agenda to suit their needs?

Yes, a President should listen to the voices of “the people”. But then a President should study the facts, take in advice and say “we are going to try it this way” and go. She (or he) can’t let the “flavor of the day” activists hijack the plans on a moment’s notice.

This is not leadership. So, large crowds or not, I do not see him as presidential material.

His crowds are large (as were Obama’s in 2007) but so were Eugene McCarthy’s. A large crowd means that he excites a segment of the Democratic base (the “activist base”). That does mean something.


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