Ok, I admit it. I. Like. Donald. Trump.

Workout notes: hot hotel treadmill (whew!..I about gagged). It took about 11:45 for mile 1; mile 2 came at about 21:50 and then I did 1 mile in 8:57 and the second one in 8:47 (about 17:45 for 2) and…it wasn’t easy. Not quite race effort, but not easy. It was sweltering. But that is the result of heat, driving, and a good 10 mile walk yesterday.

And age. 😦

Accepting that anything under 9 minute miles is tough for me is …tough to accept. And I see the day where I won’t be able to sustain a 9 minute per mile pace…IF I am lucky enough to live that long.

I like Donald Trump. I admit it.

Wait: “he is a kook” you say! Well, what he says is really no kookier than what other mainstream Republicans say.

Yes, he would have trouble governing; you just can’t up and fire congress or your constituents. You can’t simply expel the underperforming segments of the United States (tempting as it may be). Yes this was made about Mitt Romney, but it could well apply to Donald Trump:


But here is what I like about him: he stands up to the idiots. So many times, some moronic “activist” gets up there and bellows nonsense and the politician politely listens. Trump wouldn’t; he’d point out that the activist in question has scant credentials and even less accomplishment in life and would tell them to STFU.

Now of course, one might argue that he is a “wealthy idiot” but what the heck. I like seeing megalomaniac idiots being told off, so I hope he stays in the race.

Sadly, my guess is that he will quit as soon at it ceases to be fun. He has other options and is already powerful. But he is providing some excellent entertainment along the way and he as already inflamed the more gullible feminists; you see liberals defending Megyn Kelly!

PLEASE. Oh well, no one said that all liberals are smart. In fact, most aren’t.


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