Republican Debate: main event. Winner: Fiorina (from the first event)

Biggest fireworks: Christy vs. Paul.
Who flopped: Carson; he looked as if he were in way over his head.
Bland: Walker, Bush, Cruz
Well spoken (if nutty): Rubio
Bombastic: Trump
Going the way of Huntsman: Kasich.
Evangelical nut job who doesn’t understand science nor technology (B-52): Huckabee.

My take: Carson drops, Fiorina rises.
Bush: if we weren’t at the front of the “not Trump” I wouldn’t say that he did all that well. He didn’t look like an idiot so that may have been a win for him.
Rubio: most “serious energetic” presence up there.

Trump: as expected, combative, unapologetic, and probably holds his position.

Who emerges?

Bernie Sanders wasn’t mentioned once (or was he?)

I do notice that none of the other candidates called out Trump defending is horrible comments about other women.

I’d have to say that the Clinton campaign was smiling.


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