Republican Debate: preview

How I see the race right now:


I’ll probably watch both the JV session and the varsity session.

Key words, phrases, concepts:

President Obama has been a disaster
President Obama: most divisive President in US history
Recover from Obama
Hillary = Obama’s third term
Obamacare is a train wreck
Hillary and e-mail
Hillary and Benghazi
Hillary and “What difference does it make”
Leadership abroad
Nuclear Iran
Race baiting
Entitlement society
Repeal Obamacare
Ronald Reagan
Reform social security
Reform Medicare
Get government off of our backs!
Tax cuts for ALL Americans
“free stuff”
Moocher class
Takers not makers
47 percent
All lives matter
Illegal Immigrants
English only
guns, guns, guns

Ultimately, who will win the debate? (either one)

In my opinion:


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