Decisions, Decisions…

Workout notes: tired from all that driving; I picked up Barbara from O’Hare airport last night. It wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be.

So my untimed Cornstalk 6.3 (just over 10K) run: well, it went as they have for the last few times. I have no quad strength at all; it is as if I’ve been in a perpetual funk after that FANS 24 hour walk. It was a pretty day for it but all I could do was shuffle at just under a 12 minute pace.

The good news is that my walking is still going reasonably well. But my running is a disaster; anything under a 9 minute per mile pace counts as “speed” for me.

This is leading me to a cross roads:

1. Do I just quit running altogether and focus on walking?
2. Or do I just relegate walking to a recovery activity, focus on running the 5K distance with an occasional slow longish walk?
3. Or do I do the “alternate the seasons” thing: focus on the marathon walk one season, then on the 5K run the next? I think that this option is my best bet to keep me out of the doctor’s office.

What is good: I have the health and means to contemplate this decision!

Republican debate??? I can watch both the JV and the Varsity debates.


August 6, 2015 - Posted by | running

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