Peoria for a while…

Well, in Peoria with daughter who is enjoying sleeping in.

I did a 10 mile walk this morning; ok 10.2 in 2:16:55. My Cornstalk 8.1 segment was 1:48:11 and my 1.4/.7 loop segment (full Cornstalk hill plus lower “half loop” around the median) was 28:44 and the last 1.03 was 12:39. It was cool.


The paper published my “Iran Deal” letter. I did get some negative feedback by a Fox News type who knows that I am “naive and delusional”. 🙂

I am writing to express my support for the proposed nuclear deal with Iran. I support the deal for the following reasons:
1. The technical side of the deal was designed by nuclear scientists; that is by people who know how to make a nuclear bomb.
2. The negotiations were done in consultation with people who understand Iran both culturally and politically.
3. The deal meets the approval of the vast majority of our major allies as well as our major competitors. Such widespread agreement is difficult to come by!
4. The deal is narrowly focused; it is designed strictly to keep Iran from ever acquiring a nuclear weapon. It doesn’t try to do too much.
5. The deal is based on verification and contains immediate “snap backs” on sanctions if Iran fails to comply. Nothing in this deal is based on blind trust.
6. Nothing in the deal prevents us or other nations from taking action on stopping attempted transfers of conventional weapons from Iran to rogue actors.
Of course, there are those who oppose this deal. But the opposition mostly comes from those who enthusiastically supported the Iraq war and the reasoning behind attacking this deal is based on the same thinking that got us into Iraq.
I see this deal as having the potential to stabilize a possibly dangerous situation and possibly making it more likely that Iran returns to the world community as a good citizen.

I don’t blame a regular person for such a response. But our public leaders should know better; evidently our public felt the need to elect people who just shout simplistic slogans. Seriously: I am not talking about smart people disagreeing but rather stuff like this:

4. EMPs. In the July 23 Senate hearing, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin asked Moniz about a 2008 commission report on EMPs, electromagnetic pulses, which could be triggered by nuclear detonations and could knock out the U.S. power grid. Moniz, the former chairman of MIT’s physics department, has spent his career working in nuclear science. He told Johnson that he was unfamiliar with the report but that “if you look at our Quadrennial Energy Review published in April, we do identify EMP as a risk to transformers, and we are beginning to try to work up a response to that.”

In the hearing on Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas used this exchange to portray Moniz as an idiot:

Cruz: You told the United States Senate you hadn’t read the congressionally mandated commission on EMPs and that you didn’t know what an EMP was.
Moniz: That is incorrect. I said I did not know this 2008 report recommendations. I said I was quite familiar with the issue, and we all know about EMPs from airburst nuclear weapons.
Cruz: Secretary, let me read the testimony verbatim so that I don’t mischaracterize you. … “Senator Johnson: ‘Are you familiar with the EMPs commission 2008 report?’ ‘No, I am not, sir.’ ‘You’re not? Do you know—do you know what an EMP is?’ ‘You’ll have to explain it to me, please.’ ” I find that stunning. …
Moniz: That was about the report. If you read further in the testimony, you will see my explicit statement. Of course I know about the issue.
Cruz: Do you agree that an EMP detonated by Iran in the atmosphere could kill tens of millions of Americans? …
Moniz: It depends upon the specifics. These are highly variable—
Cruz: Does that mean, yes, it could?
Moniz: I said it is highly variable in its—
Cruz: OK. You’re refusing to answer the question.

The most disturbing thing about this exchange isn’t Cruz’s obnoxiousness. It’s his intellectual confidence in the face of his own ignorance. He doesn’t know the slightest fraction of what Moniz knows about EMPs. Either Cruz doesn’t understand this difference between himself and Moniz, or he doesn’t care.

Seriously; this is what it has come down to. These are our elected “leaders” acting like ignorant idiots and being applauded for it.


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