Ok, this morning I jogged 6.3 miles (my usual) and this time I used the watch. Ugly..1:16 (11:40 for the first mile). I can’t believe that I’ve become this slow.
On the way back, I saw some women leaving the parking deck in their cars; the were doing the steps.

So, after a brief rest I went to Wild Life Prairie Park to visit the animals and do a slow hike on the Floodplain trail. The initial part of the trail is completely overgrown; it is tough to follow. The rest was as it usually was.

I saw a deer and visited with a small frog in the pond.

When looking at the exhibits, I saw a coyote who was fairly close. It got scared when I pulled out the camera; evidently metallic things scare it. I wonder if it had been shot at?

So, it was 10 miles to the day, total. Now I need to get Olivia’s room ready as she gets in tomorrow. It is possible that Barbara will as well.


August 2, 2015 - Posted by | running, walking |

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