One of Hillary Clinton’s strengths …

I looked at this clip from the bruising 2008 Democratic Primary. Yes, I was a strong Obama backer and I am glad that I voted for him. But this little speech by then Sen. Clinton stuck with me:

At 40 seconds, she gets on then Sen. Obama for being naive about the nature of the opposition. Here she was talking about “special interests” but she could have been talking about the Republicans. Obama had campaigned on the idea that if you met them half way and went with the better Republican ideas, they’d go along. In fact, when the opposition said that their main goal was to make him a “one term President”, they weren’t kidding.

These bastards had zero interest in actual governing. And Hillary Clinton understands that.

But at the time, I felt that the country had to try.

Later, at roughly 2 minutes into the video, she talks about the health care plan and Obama’s plan NOT having a mandate, whereas hers did. At the time, I said that I was indifferent as to which plans as both were better than what we had. But I thought that we’d get whatever we could negotiate with the Republicans. It turns out that the negotiations were with the “blue dogs” in the Senate. But the final plan did have a mandate.

I think that Hillary Clinton can do a bit of “I told you so” during the 2016 campaign while not alienating the Democrats.


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