KO’ed by heat…

Bottom line: I slept in too late and started too late. My plan was to get 3:30 outside and 1:30 inside (air conditioning).

I did the first part; 13.7 miles in roughly 3:30 (walking); 1:02 for the first 4 miles then on the track (8.4 miles, 2.1 per section): 30:38, 30:32, 30:28, 31:34 (dying), then I limped home with my tail between my legs. BUT, there is no reason I can’t try again on Tuesday..this time GET UP EARLY and go at a medium pace. My “track” miles, while not fast, were too tough for me given that these were 2.1 mile segments.

I did see Tracy and Larry while I was out there and I also saw a big red tailed hawk and smelled a skunk (could have done without that).

Temperature: started off at 81 F, 72 percent humidity and ended at 82 F, 69 percent. Gag.


July 26, 2015 - Posted by | walking | ,

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