Confederate flag stealing, death and a story…

Just the other day, I said this:

This is theft and vandalism, and it isn’t helping things. No one has the right to do this. Even worse: there is the potential for some hothead to blow away one of these morons…and wouldn’t the fall out from that be just great? Sadly, some liberals are intolerant of speech; it caused me great embarrassment when some kook went around our neighborhood stealing Aaron Schock signs (this was, 2004 I believe).

Well, this morning I read this:

A Georgia man is dead after he snatched a Confederate flag off of a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500. Rogers Kyaruzi of Dublin, Ga was riding his motorcycle when he approached Jimmy Miller’s three-quarter ton truck displaying a Confederate flag at a traffic light. Kyaruzi snatched the flag and proceeded to flee. Realizing that Kyaruzi stole his flag, Miller chased Kyaruzi down, running him over at an intersection. “The guy was ran over like roadkill. I’ve never seen anything so gruesome in my life. I guess you can’t just get away with stealing”, says Amy Rice, who witness Miller run Kyaruzi over.

Fortunately, it was a troll article. (satire).

But it did remind me of a true, far less deadly story.

Back in 1980, Navy was playing Villanova in football (Howie Long’s team). During a break in the action, some female twirler thought it would be cute to steal one of our company flags. As she was running away with the flag, a Midshipman ran her down and tackled her and took the flag back.

At the time, a Naval officer chewed out the Midshipman.

Now in 1982, in Nuclear Power School, we (now young officers) discuss the incident.

Those from northern schools thought that tackling the woman was a gross overreaction. The southerners (especially those from VMI) pointed out that had she done that to them, she would have gotten punched as well..that what the Midshipman did was moderate.

There really is a difference in attitude. For example, in Illinois, one is not allowed to use deadly force against someone stealing your property, provided you aren’t in danger (e. g. the person is running off with your property). In Texas, you can use deadly force to protect property.


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  1. In texas you can shoot someone outside your home. I did it. That was for a guy who said you can’t do it. Running over the guy was a little bit far. Chase him done and beat the shit out of him

    Comment by Shannon autrey | August 3, 2015 | Reply

    • If this happened in real life, I’d just call the police and, if I were in a foul mood, hit him for civil damages.

      Comment by blueollie | August 3, 2015 | Reply

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