I’ve alienated almost everyone….:-)

Workout notes: it was a bit sticky when I went out: 80 F, 71 percent humidity at the start, 82 F, 67 at the end. But that was better than the 98 F, 71 percent humidity that we had yesterday.

So I did my hilly 8.1 mile Cornstalk course in 1:54 (58/56)..walking.


Sadly, my slowest run of this course was about 20 minutes faster. 🙂

But it was a decent clip for such a sticky day and hilly course. And more importantly, my knees didn’t hurt afterward.

Post I’ve made some FB people angry. How?

1. Applauded the Obama administration Iran deal (yes, we need to see how it works out, but I feel that we have to try and this is a good first step).
2. Said that Hillary Clinton was not the same as the Republican candidates.
3. Wondered (asked the question) if it is appropriate for an obese person to be a personal trainer at a gym.
4. Said that I would patronize a restaurant that didn’t allow young kids.

Oh well, perhaps I’ll anger some more people. 🙂

I think that Charles Krauthammer wrote a good column.

Dick Morris attacked Jeb Bush for his “Americans should work more” remarks. Oh, he did the old “Obamacare is killing full time jobs” attack. Uh, no. But never mind.

No, it is NOT TRUE that 71 percent of Obama voters regret voting for him. Here is where that 71 percent came from:

YouGov polled about 1,000 voters over two days in early February, asking voters of Romney and Obama if they would make the same decision today that they did in November 2012. YouGov found 90 percent of Romney voters would vote for Romney again, while 79 percent of Obama voters said they would stick with Obama.

Of the remaining 2012 Obama voters, 10 percent said they would not vote for him again, and 11 percent said they were unsure.

The 10 percent who would not vote for him again got a follow-up question: Do you regret voting for Obama?

Of 35 people in that group, 25 said yes. That’s 71 percent.

So of the people who voted for Obama, 396, 6 percent said they had regrets.

Note: some of those regrets come from the left.

Cranks Dinesh D’Souza is one of the biggest. Yes, that D’Souza. Well, as part of his sentence, he has to get psychological counseling:

“I’m not singling out Mr. D’Souza to pick on him,” Judge Berman said. “A requirement for psychological counseling often comes up in my hearings in cases where I find it hard to understand why someone did what they did.”

He continued: “That Mr. D’Souza committed this crime involves a colossal failure of insight and introspection. The case notes also say Mr. D’Souza has weaknesses in controlling his own impulses and that he is prone to anger in reaction to criticism.”


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