Classical Conditioning and songs…

Some time ago, I talked about classical conditioning and songs; I sometimes associate a song with an event or a time period.

Here is another such instance. You might think that this song “Get Down Tonight” by KC and the Sunshine Band is just a run of the mill pop hit from the 1970’s. But when I hear it I think of something every specific.

When I was in high school (Austin Travis, 1975), it was a short outside walk from where we had classes to the athletic locker rooms. The girls locker rooms came first and the boys were just after. One year (my junior year), the volleyball team was excellent. They won the district (league); they were lead by a powerful outside hitter and a setter.

Both of these girls were bad asses; I liked both of them but had a bit of a crush on the setter. She used to wear these skin tight pants that gave clear as a bell pantie lines..and she went on to start for the University of Texas (Austin) for 4 years, and get a nursing degree in the process. Bad ass!

So, what about the song? Well, as I walked past the volleyball locker room, they had loud music on..and this was one of their favorite songs. So, I associate that song with that bad ass team and, in particular, that setter.


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