So you are thinking about adding me on social media

I got the idea for this post from this article.

Ok, you send me a friend request on Facebook or want to subscribe to my (paltry) twitter feed.

Here is what you should know:

1. I am noisy. Yes, I work, but much of my work is solitary and my “smoke breaks” are social media checks.

2. Yes, I frequently post:

a. Political and social articles. Flavor: a Democrat who is to the left of Barack Obama but to the right of Bernie Sanders. But I am not a mere cheerleader; I will reject claims made by “my team” if I think that they are false or if I think that there is no evidence to back them up. I frequently draw the ire of feminists (e. g. the “77 cents on the dollar” claim is highly misleading, women sometimes instigate violence, etc) civil rights activists (Michael Brown was no hero), woo woos (e. g. homeopathy is bunk, vaccinations are good, and GMOs can be a good thing)

But mostly, well, if you are someone who thinks that Barack Obama is a Muslim Kenyan who hates our country and wants to take your guns…well, we shouldn’t talk politics or social issues. If you don’t like a policy of his and you want to explain WHY it is a bad idea and your explanation consists of more than a list of adjectives, let’s hear it. I probably won’t end up agreeing with you, but a new perspective can be helpful to me.

b. Articles about running, walking or working out, and yes, I post my workouts and races from time to time. I like to swap stories.

c. Religion: I am a Richard Dawkins style atheist. No, I won’t picket a church or post stuff attacking your religion on your wall, but I will critique popular ideas. To me, religious ideas are ideas like any other, and are open to critique. And yes, some religious ideas (e. g. meditation, yoga. self reflection, moral inventories ) are good ones.

d. Spectator sports (mostly basketball, football and boxing; sometimes track and field)

e. Science articles.

f. Frog photos and goat photos.

g. Women in spandex running or workout gear.

h. Jokes, memes and the like.

3. I won’t say “that’s awesome” if I think that it is mundane or ordinary.

4. As far as “other points of view”: I do entertain opposing viewpoints if they carry data, facts and reason (or at least some of these). But I don’t tolerate scolds at all. “That offends me” or “this insults group x” or “check your privilege” carries no weight with me, at all. I will read an opposing viewpoint IF the source is an expert in the field (and yes, I’ve changed my mind before) but I really don’t care about your “activist” website or that “viral video” from that “awesome teenager” who just “destroyed XXXX “.

5. And to be blunt, both you and I are pretty average, with a ton of gaps in our knowledge. In this day and age, it is impossible to NOT be ignorant about most things.

6. And..finally, there is nothing wrong with being selective on what we talk about. If you don’t like my politics, no biggie; we’ll talk about the game or about our latest run or lifting session. If running bores you to tears, let’s talk about current events.

And no worries: if you are a conservative, I have no interest in trying to turn you into a liberal; that would be useless and presumptuous on my part. If you don’t like running/walking/lifting: no I am not trying to convert you. If you are religious, that is your business and none of mine.

And I am absolutely ok with being unfriended; I am not for everyone. 🙂 No worries! It doesn’t bother me at all.


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