Women striking the first blow (part II)

I had a discussion on social media about my previous post on this topic and what would show up on my youtube feed but this video:

I want to make this clear: I really don’t know what MIGTOW means (it is an acronym for Men Going Their Own Way, though I wasn’t interested enough to dig further) but it does show a case where very physically aggressive female behavior leads to being hit back.

Steven Pinker talks about this in his book Better Angels; he points out that most domestic violence is of the “flying plates” type (like this) and here, women pretty much give as good as they get. The more dangerous stuff (serious damage): that is mostly males doing it to females.

Yes, I know, a single video is not a data set, but Pinker does quote people who have looked at data sets.

And for the record, because this is an emotional issue: my Godmother hooked up with a wife beater. Yes, he beat her; my parents took her to the battered women shelter. Yes, she went back (family law attorneys say it is about 7 times before they leave) and yes, if I had my way, he should have rotted under the jailhouse. Yes, that type of violence is mostly men against women. But statistically, it isn’t the most common kind. And yes, this old clip makes me sick; I can’t enjoy it.


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