Duh…..what I am learning about running…

Workout notes: simple. 6.5 miles in Bradley Park (3 1.23 lower loops plus the usual 2.8 out and back). I was worried because it is wet outside (no rain…leftover stuff) and my knees hurt yesterday. But things were better today…and once again I didn’t start my stopwatch. But I stared at 8:01 and finished at about 8:15 or so it was roughly an easy 11:30 mpm pace. I’ve come to grips that a 10 minute per mile pace is no longer my “easy run” pace. That is a bit sickening but…well, there isn’t much that I can do about it. And that is exactly what my current 5K race pace predicts.

And I did enjoy the run. Heading down Columbia Terrace, I saw the Bradley track/XC team finishing a long run; part of me got depressed but then I thought: “isn’t it great that we have some good runners? Wouldn’t it suck for us if they weren’t about twice as fast as you are?”

Other fitness stuff

Now, I freely admit that if I saw her at a race, I’d guess “I won’t see her after the first 30-40 meters”; I wouldn’t even see her as someone I might try to compete with. But the mental stuff: yes. I do that. In 24 hour events, I think “ok, you’ve completed one marathon, now you have only your Cornstalk 5 mile course to go” when I am, say, trying to get to the 50K mark. On the road races I might think “ok, just one more lower Bradley Park loop to go” when I am at mile 5 of a 10K event.

Fitness apparel: yes, a local fitness instructor is launching a new line of leggings.


(click on the thumbnail to see the photo at the source). Her class is called “Booty by Barbants”; yes it has a Brazilian influence.


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