Aging and endurance sports: the difference in photos (personal and trivial)

early 1980-1982

My first public race (10 miles in 1:21, August 1980), my first marathon (3:33, December 1980), my only sub 40 10K (39:50 in 1982), and my “out of shape 4:24” marathon in October 1983. I transitioned from “mostly lifting” to “mostly running”. I was never fast though.


My trip to morbid obesity: 225 in 1985, 250 in 1987 and then to 300 in 1991..then at 320 in early 1992. One thing I did right: I kept working out and during this phase I could bench press 300 pounds (best was 300 at a bodyweight of 226; I got 310 but weighed more) I did exactly ONE 5K during this time (23:00 at 230 lbs in 1985)


My transition away from morbid obesity: 1995 (early; back down to 220) and 1996 at 190 or so. I picked up running again and ran a 23:15 5K in basketball shoes. I actually teared up when I finished.


My second running phase: 1997-2001. You see the Quad Cities marathon in 1998, the Prostate 5K in 1999, Lone Star 10K in 2000, and Lake Geneva Marathon in 2001. (my last “good” one: 3:40). I had a couple of sub 20 5Ks, a couple of sub 42 10Ks and 4 sub 1:40 half marathons; best marathon was 3:38. Though these are not “real runner” times, these were the last running times I felt good about.


Utramarathon walking phase. You are seeing a couple of judged racewalks 2003, 2004, a running 15K in 2005, and a 24 hour (83 mile walk) in 2006. I finished 3 of my 4 100’s during this phase, and had 3 more 81-88 mile 24 hour performances. I did some judged racewalking to help out my ultra walking.


Limbo: mostly I battled a torn meniscus and a damaged rotator cuff during this phase: 2007, (5K walk, taking on a runner), 2009 (last sub 5:30 walking marathon), main street mile (disaster) in 2011. 2011 was probably my low point; I was recovering from both the knee problems and the shoulder problem, hence I could neither lift, swim, run nor walk fast for a long time. It showed. But I did get my PR in the 5K swim (1:36 open water, 1:34) in 2009 and 2010, before things really went south.


2012-2015: where I am now. I can’t really train for anything but I participate a lot. I did run a couple of 24:xx 5ks in 2014 when I was training to try to break 7 minutes for the mile (and I failed the latter); I had one token “marathon or longer” finish each year. All my long performances were very poor.


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