Warm…and a Chiefs game…


2:22 out (9.13)
2:19 back (9:13)
6:24 correction loop (.42)

4:47:25 for 18.68

80F, 58 percent humidity. (ugh; it is 85 now)


I started a bit too late (about 7:25 or so) and it warmed up on me. A front is probably going to move in; my knees were somewhat sore but it was manageable. What wasn’t: I didn’t let the ginger ale defizz enough; the pressure kept building up, even though I diluted it. Still, I drank 2 20 oz. bottles along the way (filled it up with water at the Heights Tower).

I like this course though; I just need to hit it earlier in the morning. Maybe next time I’ll add a 5K loop at the end to go over 20 miles.

Toward the end (at the intersection of Maplewood and Columbia terrace, I encountered a woman in a mini-van. As I turned on the sidewalk, she called out “I hate to break that up, but I have a question for you…” and I just waved and kept going. Yes, if someone asks “do you know where X is” I usually answer, though the answer is often “no”. Seriously; I am terrible with street names. I can name *most* (NOT ALL!!!) of the streets on my route, and I’ve been walking it for years. Never mind my finding the streets that intersect my route; I heavily depend on landmarks or “duration”.

But this didn’t appear to be a “do you know where…” or “have you seen a dog…” question; this sure looked like the Jehovah’s Witnesses hassling me again…and yes, THEY HAVE DONE THAT IN THE PAST, WHILE I WAS WALKING. No, I am not kidding; these people are that aggressive.

I finished at about 12:15, so I had time to shower and make it to the Chiefs game, where I ate lunch (spent way too much money; cheese steak sandwich, french fries and 2 large diet Pepsi colas. I was pretty parched, even though I drank on my walk.

The game: this was typical of A league baseball games in that the losing pitcher stayed in for 6 innings even though he was getting bombed, and the winner was pulled after 8 even though he had a shut out, scattered 4 hits and struck out 8. The Chiefs took a 7-0 lead into the 9’th and won 7-1; they had 9 hits, all of them in the first 6 innings and a 4 run 2’nd inning. The Quad Cities relief pitcher looked sharp though.

My wife is gone for the week so I’ll probably make 2 more games this coming week.


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