4’th of July Firecracker 5K 2015

(my friend T took this photo)

Weather: cool, but humid. It was about 65 F, 80 percent humidity at the start.


I jogged to the start (about 2 miles); I felt bad but not terrible. The legs had just a bit more life than last week, but I felt “tired”.

So, I figured to go out easy, say “8:3x” for the first 2 miles (contained slight uphills) and then pick it up in the final mile. Well, I did the first part.


I made sure I was behind Steve Hippler, who is too fast for me. I seemed to be lined up correctly and as we went up Adams street, I did just a bit of broken field running. My warm up had me sweating quite a bit so I figured I wouldn’t push the pace. We then turned toward the river but today, our rivertrail portion of the trail was cut short due to flooding; hence there would be a small uphill to get back to Adams.

I wasn’t paying too much attention to my place in the race, and there were some “eye-strain” worthy spandex out there.

Finally, as we went up the hill (very small hill) to get back to Adams, I decided to look for targets.

Guy with the flag (looked younger and in good shape): nope, he wasn’t working at all.

Woman with the tiny purple cropped spandex shorts (almost a bun hugger) no; she had to walk a few times but she was a bit too far ahead.

Then Mike Rucker passed me (he is 74, but was a 17:xx runner at a younger age) and another short “within shouting distance of my age” female was beside me, so I figured I’d try to race them.
Then it became: “just don’t shame yourself by walking”; I was toast. I even moved over a bit to give the lady a bit of room and I did give a couple of high 5’s as I closed in; I was no longer racing but trying to “finish with dignity”.

I don’t know if I am still recovering from the 24 hour (4 weeks ago) or if I am just out of shape in terms of intense running, or both.

splits (by the chip): 8:34/8:36 (17:10), 9:37 for 1.1. (8:44 final mile); 26:48 (8:37 pace).

Oh I’ll play around with the results to see how others finished.

Course note: I like this alternate course better than the usual course (usual course is flooded in spots); it was wider and had more variety plus a couple of small hills.

7 March 24:42 for 2.87 miles (about 26:45 for 5K) (recent illness) 39 of 83 (college students)
21 March 25:27 for 5K 71 of 269
28 March 25:50 5K (26 F) 15 of 68
11 April: 26:14 5K (some hills) 42 of 153
18 April: 25:45 5K or 9 of 105 Kidney 5K
2 May: 26:59 Run to Remember (collapse final mile)
9 May: Race for the Cure: 26:14.
23 May: River Run 25:45
4 July: 26:48 5K (8:34/8:36/9:37)

This is what last year looked like (through May). I am certainly slower but I am not as far along on training; last year I had more “hard miles” under my belt by this time.

31 May: Family House 5K 26:50 (fell down)
24 May: River Run 5K (certified) 24:42 5K
10 May: Race For the Cure 25:27 5K
3 May Run to Remember 24:17 5K .
26 April: 26:47 5K (Bradley soccer 5K)
19 April: 23:27 2.96 (24:40 5K, or 23:45 3 mile)
5 April 22:31 (2.8 miles) 25:05 5K
29 March CIDA 25:09 5K
1 March: 27:27 for 3.25 miles: 26:10 5K.

5K (or close)

2012 2013
25:47 Yates City. 26:05 Yates City
25:42 Brimfield: 7:56, 8:10, 8:44, 0:51
27:59 Aug. 5: Math Fest 5K 26:56 Rocket Run July 20: 8:27, 8:42, 9:46
26:07 Run for the Health of it July 14 8:28 8:49, 8:49 (AG) 26:32 5K run for the health of it July 13 (AG) 8:03, 8:02, 10:26
27:46 July 4 Firecracker 8:09 8:43 10:53 27:40 July 4 Firecracker
25:03 May 26 River Run 8:08, 8:07, 8:47 24:56 May 25 River Run
25:13 Race for the Cure May 12 (8:25, 7:34, 9:12) (AG) 25:48 Race for the Cure May 11
24:34 May 5 Run to Remember (7:54, 7:45, 8:54) 26:12 (3.18?) May 4: Sam Fan 5K
25:41 Bradley U. April 28 25:29 (hilly) 20 April: BU women soccer 5K
25:14 CIDA March 31 (8:27, 8:17, 8:29) (AG) 25:14 March 23: New Interplanetary 5K
25:08 Interplanatary March 24 (8:14, 8:19, 8:34) (AG) 27:04 (3.25?) 2 March: 5K Jack Kenney (AG)

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