Stuck in neutral (walking/running)


The above was for yesterday’s course.

Today: late start; weight 186 after breakfast.

Weights then running:

5 sets of 10, 1 set of 5 pull ups (hip hikes and rotator cuff) varied the grip
incline press: 10 x 135, 7 x 145, 9 x 140 (pushed myself a bit)
military press: 7 x 45, 8 x 45, 10 x 40 (standing dumbbells)
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110
pull down: 3 sets of 10 x 150 (double pulley machine)

Note: I did a super set with the military, rows, pull downs.

Then 1 mile in 11 minutes on the treadmill:
5K (25 laps, middle lane): 28:40. 9:04, 8:42 (17:47), 9:45 (27:33); I walked a few steps two different times on the last mile. I just didn’t have it; the last mile was feeling a bit like a race and I didn’t want that.

I had a good walk yesterday and the weights took a little out of me. Afterward: I cut the grass in the front yard.

By the way, we’ve gotten creamed by rain in June. This was the wettest June on record, and the second wettest month on record (September 1926 was 0.09 inches wetter).

illinoisweather (snapshot from the Illinois Climatology blog run by James Angel. )

I did a poor job of outlining Peoria County (where I live) but you can see that while we were not the wettest region in the state, we were above the state average. We’ve gotten water in the basement almost non-stop (on the order of perhaps 8-12 gallons a night, as measured by buckets and our new Shop-Vac wet vacuum).

And the yard is absurd; the weed trees grow back almost as fast as you chop them down. When you cut the grass, when you finished, the part of the yard you started with already needs to be cut again. (ok, that is an exaggeration… 🙂 )

Rain, plus ample periods of sun plus very fertile soil = lots of growth. And the rabbits are having a field day; on Monday I counted 5 in the yard at one time! I wish I could have trapped them and brought them to our yard.

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