What the heck is bigotry anyway?

Workout notes weights then swimming. I did weights first as the pool was full when I got to the Riverplex.

Weight: 186 before, 184.5 after.

pull ups: 4 sets of 10, then a 5’th after bench press
rotator cuff
bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 180, 3 x 180, 9 x 160
military: 10 x 45 dumbbell, 10 x 40 dumbbell, 8 x 45 dumbbell
rows: 3 sets of 10 with the lay down machine (60)

eyestrain: a woman was doing some light dead lifts; her leggings became transparent on the “down phase” (full grannies with a zig-zag underneath)

Swim: couldn’t stay with the lady on my left (red water bottle lady)
5 x 100 warm up
5 x 100 on 2:10 (slow)
5 x 100 alt fist/free on 2:10
5 x 25 fly, 25 free
5 x 25 back, 25 free
200 pull.

I tried to come up with a good logical definition for “bigotry” and really couldn’t.
I thought: well, this is not liking someone for what they are, but then it is ok to not like a practicing pedophile or kleptomaniac.
So, there has to be a “dislike in the absence of evil or harm”; but what about those who sincerely believe that, say, gay people bring down the wrath of some deity (absurd, I know; but some really are that superstitious).

If a reader has a good definition, I’d entertain it.


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