At DWF airport…surviving IH-35 and Metroplex traffic..

Last night I had dinner and an informal outing with my daughter; I drove from Fort Worth to Austin to do this.
Now I am back in the DFW airport; the traffic on IH-35 and in the Metroplex area makes me nervous.

This morning: 4 mile run on the treadmill; there wasn’t much air conditioning in the small room and I was slowed a bit by the heat. I had intended to do 2-3 miles at under 9 minutes per mile but ended up being happy to make it to 42:51 for 4.

Then I drove up from Temple (where my hotel room was) to the airport.

I have some administrative tasks to do (one more week’s worth?) prior to getting back to some mathematics; I have so momentum that I need to capitalize on. Others told me that what I was doing was interesting; I saw others trying out some stuff I had talked about.

I had a couple of interesting personal things happen:

1. While at TCU I was walking to find a place for dinner. A blind lady (young graduate student came out); she asked me my name as I passed her and I asked if she wanted assistance. She said “yes” so she took my hand and I walked her to Fuzzy Taco. (I had eaten there the evening before). I ate at Dutch’s Hamburgers which was good; I had lunch 3 times at Salata; pricy but good.

Psychological note: the graduate student was sort of attractive and wearing very thin (transparent) white pants (reminded me of this). But I felt oddly guilty that I found her attractive; this is a guilt I don’t find when I see an attractive woman at, say, a race or in the gym. It was sort of a “she is blind so don’t look at her that way” sort of thing.

2. When I went to get gas (near Temple), as I pulled into the first station, the lights went out! I wasn’t sure if this was due to a storm or just the place closing.

Then I stopped about 1 mile away; they told me that they were still putting gas into their system form a tanker.

The third try was the charm.

Ok; it is getting time to go to the gate.

One other quip: when I was getting lunch, some young woman was ahead of me; she had legs that appeared to go up to her ears and was witting some snug fitting, non-spandex shorts. They had “lifeguard” on her butt….30 years ago I might have said something like “I am drowning and need assistance!” But alas, I am old enough to be her dad. Time marches on…


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