Reasonable people descending into stupidity in an area ….

This post How Politics Makes us Stupid is worth reading. The upshot: when it comes to our pet issues, we become like advocates for our issues rather than someone who seeks the truth, hence we take shortcuts that make our thinking sloppy and we rationalize away (or ignore) contrary evidence.

But I think that there is more going on.

We are social creatures. We want to be accepted by our “tribe”. Hence, we sometimes get in a race to say “what a good X” would say, where X can be:

Christian (or Jew, or Muslim)
racial minority activist
social conservative
military person

would say. And if we can outdo our tribal peers, all the better!

You see result of such groupthink being lampooned in many ways:




Here is an example of that: my “like minded” friends are passing around this meme:


But the crime isn’t the issue: it is how the person responded when police went to arrest him. Mr. Garner argued and resisted..that is what lead to the scuffle (and yes, the police used an illegal choke hold; they did screw up). I don’t know what Mr. Roof did when police attempted to arrest him. But the meme is ill conceived.

And of course, no matter what group belong to (and I belong to several), well, we are all so…oppressed (to various degrees) and we love to be offended. 🙂

But “this offends me” is not an argument.

And yes, too many times, I am guilty of all of the above.


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