Recovering…a little…

I am still a bit heavy legged, and it was sticky outside: 77 F with 76 percent humidity at the start, 82 F with 69 percent at the end.

I strolled via my W. Peoria course to the cemetery, one loop there (1.3) and then hit the W. Peoria track (pit stop), then 14 laps of the .43 miles to the lap track.
32:13 to the Cemetery, 21:21 in the Cemetery, 3:33 to the field, 3:42 to the start of my laps, 1:01:13 for the first 10 laps, 23:07 for the next 4 (picked it up), 11:49 home.
Total: 10.7 miles in 2:37:00 (14:40 pace) though the first 6 miles were about 15+; I picked it up when I finally started to feel “right”.

It looks as if my body is transitioning to “ultra mode” in which it takes an hour or so to get going.


June 14, 2015 - Posted by | walking

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