Moving ahead intelligently

These thoughts will be of only interest to me.

Last weekend revived my interest in walking long distances. I’ll still do some running and some 5Ks here and there, but I am again interested in walking.

So, I started scouting out races…which is the wrong approach for me. I don’t need to do another long event for some time. And the reality is: I haven’t walked a good marathon since 2009 (Rockford (5:14), Quad Cities (5:28, with a torn meniscus)) I did have a decent 20 miles at Lake Wobegone in 2012 prior to getting sick.

And if I can’t sustain a decent pace for a marathon, my longer stuff will be 16-18 minute per mile strolls with naps every so often.

So, for NOW, that is what I need to work on: marathon intensity walking speed.

Tentative plans: Peoria Marathon October 18, McNotAgain 30 mile (48 km) in early November, Houston Ultra at the end of the year (50 mile? 24 hour?). The marathon will be the A race, the 30 miler a “use your fitness to finish” event and the Houston one will be to see if, while in “participation mode”, I can improve on the FANS performance.


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