Bruce Jenner’s change and blank slate thinking

I haven’t said all that much about Bruce Jenner; I see what he/she is doing/did as a private matter of little importance, though I am interested in the “should a man to a woman” be allowed to compete in women’s divisions in sporting events” issue.

I did learn that sex change surgery isn’t *as* elective as it once was and many mainstream health insurance plans cover it.

But another thing that interested me is the old “what is a woman anyway” debate (here, here, here)

This really reminds me of the “blank slate” thinking that goes on. Some think that there is no statistical difference between female brains and male brains; the differences are mostly cultural. That is the old “blank slate”. Others hold that there IS a “human nature”; I think that this is crystal clear.

And that is the argument isn’t it: Bruce Jenner had a “female brain”; hence a mismatch. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have the dreaded “male privilege”.

So, do feminists embrace him as a woman or not? Note: things have gotten so PC that all of this “vagina stuff” is now seen as excluding females that “don’t have vaginas”. 🙂 (and we wonder where the disrespect for the humanities comes from..)


June 10, 2015 - Posted by | social/political |

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  1. I’m a feminist and I fully accept Caitlyn Jenner as a woman. I also believe in calling her by her preferred name and pronouns, but have heard interviews with her in which she refers to herself in the past as “Bruce” and “he,” so I can see how that might confuse things.

    It seems like basic decency to call people what they prefer, no matter the reason for the change. But, I admit if either of my children went through a sex change it would be REALLY difficult to remember to call them by their preference, rather than their birth name.

    Comment by jenjw4 | June 11, 2015 | Reply

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