I understand why people are delusional..I am too.

I am getting ready to go out and attempt the FANS 24 hour walk (walking division of the FANS 24 hour event).

This is the first time I’ve done this at this venue, which features more gravel and less pavement.

No, I am not prepared. No, I won’t be competing though this event has attracted 3 international walkers and one other official centurion who is “only” doing the 12 hour.

My “official” goals are very modest. Yes, I brought my sleeping bag to catch a few naps in my car, though my hotel is only 7 minutes away.

Forecast: some rain tonight; if it doesn’t thunderstorm I am ok with it.

C goal: 50 miles (30, nap, 20 more; this is what I did in 2011)
B goal: 63 miles (100 km plus), (35/28 with a nap)
A goal: 70 (realistically, not in the cards for me)

Walter Mitty goal: triple marathon (36 complete laps; first one is 3.87 miles with an out and back; rest are 2.14 miles)

Signs that I’ve face reality: I didn’t buy a new watch; my 30 lap version (30 laps is 65.8 miles ) will be enough, and I am brining a sleeping bag to the course, along with lots of stomach medicine (pink bismuth, antacid tablets, etc.)

Key to success: staying at my own pace and letting everyone else go. I WILL get lapped often, even by the other walkers. I am rested and feel very good; it will be hard to hold back at first. But if I don’t, I’ll be hitting the stomach medicine and sleeping bag very early and I don’t want that.

Well, there is only one way to find out what I am capable of.


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