Activists: my lack of patience with them

Workout notes I did an 8 mile course in 1:47 (8.08); to Bradley Park via the usual way, 2 lower loops and 2 full upper loops (past the bathrooms) and back; last “mile” was 12:53.
Interestingly 3 weeks ago, I “ran” a similar 8 miles in 1:33; as you can see my brisk walk pace is only a little bit slower. My department chair says my run gait is pretty much the same as my walk gait.

The difference: the degree to which I bend my knees. Sad, I know. 🙂

Yes, tenure is good job security, but it is far from perfect. If you anger enough people, they’ll find a reason to get rid of you. They used her classroom language as an excuse, but my (very uneducated) guess it was more this:

In a letter that day to Buchanan, Damon Andrew, dean of the College of Human Sciences & Education, said “multiple serious concerns” had come to his attention, including “inappropriate statements you made to students, teachers and education administrators,” as well as conflict with Iberville Parish Superintendent Ed Cancienne.

“This behavior is completely unacceptable and must cease,” Andrew wrote.

In an interview with The Advocate, Cancienne said he called Andrew because he’d received complaints about Buchanan from a couple of his teachers and felt it was his duty to alert LSU. LSU then asked him to put his concerns in writing, he said.

“When I think there’s a serious issue, then I have to communicate that to them,” he said.

Iberville continues to participate in the selective PK-3 Teacher Education Program that Buchanan founded.

Buchanan said Cancienne had asked repeatedly for her to send teachers to Iberville Parish, but she’d resisted because it’s a relatively low performing district, and her students teachers need to see standout teaching so they know what to do themselves. She said the program got off to a rocky start there, but she denied any unprofessional behavior.

She said she voluntarily agreed to no longer supervise the LSU student teachers in Iberville after Cancienne called her to complain. She said she thinks Cancienne’s complaints, and LSU’s desire to placate him, had something to do with her firing.

Buchanan said the selective teaching program she ran is demanding, likening it to a medical school internship, making her unpopular with some students.

“I have very low tolerance for poor teaching and very high standards,” she said.

Yes, she is suing.

Activists I have no patience for stuff like this: a woman climbed flagpole on the grounds of the South Carolina state capitol and took down the “confederate flag”. This was viewed as a good thing by many of my social media friends, but not by me.

Yes, I am gladdened to see calls for the flag to come down and I hope that the South Carolina state legislature does the right thing.

But to me, this is just another “know it all” deciding what is right (in her opinion) and just making a unilateral decision. I don’t think that the people of South Carolina elected her or appointed her. So I am fine with her getting the appropriate legal punishment (proportionate to the act, which I consider to be a relatively minor nuisance).

Oh sure, this was far, far, far worse and I have much greater contempt for this action.

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What the heck is bigotry anyway?

Workout notes weights then swimming. I did weights first as the pool was full when I got to the Riverplex.

Weight: 186 before, 184.5 after.

pull ups: 4 sets of 10, then a 5’th after bench press
rotator cuff
bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 180, 3 x 180, 9 x 160
military: 10 x 45 dumbbell, 10 x 40 dumbbell, 8 x 45 dumbbell
rows: 3 sets of 10 with the lay down machine (60)

eyestrain: a woman was doing some light dead lifts; her leggings became transparent on the “down phase” (full grannies with a zig-zag underneath)

Swim: couldn’t stay with the lady on my left (red water bottle lady)
5 x 100 warm up
5 x 100 on 2:10 (slow)
5 x 100 alt fist/free on 2:10
5 x 25 fly, 25 free
5 x 25 back, 25 free
200 pull.

I tried to come up with a good logical definition for “bigotry” and really couldn’t.
I thought: well, this is not liking someone for what they are, but then it is ok to not like a practicing pedophile or kleptomaniac.
So, there has to be a “dislike in the absence of evil or harm”; but what about those who sincerely believe that, say, gay people bring down the wrath of some deity (absurd, I know; but some really are that superstitious).

If a reader has a good definition, I’d entertain it.

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At DWF airport…surviving IH-35 and Metroplex traffic..

Last night I had dinner and an informal outing with my daughter; I drove from Fort Worth to Austin to do this.
Now I am back in the DFW airport; the traffic on IH-35 and in the Metroplex area makes me nervous.

This morning: 4 mile run on the treadmill; there wasn’t much air conditioning in the small room and I was slowed a bit by the heat. I had intended to do 2-3 miles at under 9 minutes per mile but ended up being happy to make it to 42:51 for 4.

Then I drove up from Temple (where my hotel room was) to the airport.

I have some administrative tasks to do (one more week’s worth?) prior to getting back to some mathematics; I have so momentum that I need to capitalize on. Others told me that what I was doing was interesting; I saw others trying out some stuff I had talked about.

I had a couple of interesting personal things happen:

1. While at TCU I was walking to find a place for dinner. A blind lady (young graduate student came out); she asked me my name as I passed her and I asked if she wanted assistance. She said “yes” so she took my hand and I walked her to Fuzzy Taco. (I had eaten there the evening before). I ate at Dutch’s Hamburgers which was good; I had lunch 3 times at Salata; pricy but good.

Psychological note: the graduate student was sort of attractive and wearing very thin (transparent) white pants (reminded me of this). But I felt oddly guilty that I found her attractive; this is a guilt I don’t find when I see an attractive woman at, say, a race or in the gym. It was sort of a “she is blind so don’t look at her that way” sort of thing.

2. When I went to get gas (near Temple), as I pulled into the first station, the lights went out! I wasn’t sure if this was due to a storm or just the place closing.

Then I stopped about 1 mile away; they told me that they were still putting gas into their system form a tanker.

The third try was the charm.

Ok; it is getting time to go to the gate.

One other quip: when I was getting lunch, some young woman was ahead of me; she had legs that appeared to go up to her ears and was witting some snug fitting, non-spandex shorts. They had “lifeguard” on her butt….30 years ago I might have said something like “I am drowning and need assistance!” But alas, I am old enough to be her dad. Time marches on…

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TCU last day

We had some thunderstorms last night, but the rain ended just after I started this morning’s walk:


Total time was 1:03, but my timed segments were 14:56/14:21 (29:18 for 2); I started out very slowly. It was humid and some of the course was slippery.

Talks: have been very good; I’ve gotten something about of each talk, which is rare. Most people have made attempts to tell you something.

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Day 2 at TCU: PM

The math talks were entertaining and I got some feedback on my talk. I’ll be interested in getting to work on my next project, as soon as an administrative task is done.

I admit that I am enjoying my time here (at TCU).

There were some big events in the news (Obamacare surviving a legal challenge and gay marriage being made legal by SCOTUS); this was a good week for me in that regard.

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Day 2 at TCU

78 F, 84 percent humidity during my run (started at 6:15 am); 47:45 for 4.2 miles; there were a couple of mild hills. Very humid.


But I should be ready for my talk; one more go over while I drink water.

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Hot time at TCU

I got in late last night; flight landed at 9:50; bags came at 10:00, then I made the rental car place by 10:30; arrived on campus at about 11:30.

So no run or walk this morning; I waited until 5 pm to walk 4 miles (4.1 actually) in about 1:02:


It was 95 F (35 C) with 41 percent humidity. Fortunately there was some shade on the course, but alas, many of the neighborhood streets did NOT have sidewalks. I hope to get an easy 3 tomorrow morning.

The talks were fun; I got the gist of many of them and I got to look up stuff.

I ate at a salad joint for lunch and at a fast food Mexican place for supper.

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She doesn’t miss leg day…

Weight lifting woman uses her legs as a nutcracker and busts open watermelons…

(Maybe NSFW as she is wearing a “workout thong” bottom)

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Dumb discourse …

I am using the free wifi at our airport…the plane that was supposed to get us to Dallas-Fort worth by 7:20 isn’t schedule to depart until 7:40 or so.

Oh well…

That traps me in the airport with the cell phone brigade and right now some woman is jabbering and shaking so hard she is turning red in the face….” …she said that….”

The internet: you can turn off or scroll past. Airports with no cell phone free areas: captive. I do have in ear plugs…

But I found some amusing pranks:

But there is another kind of banality that is more harmful to us. Have you ever wondered why the political dialogue is so stilted and filled with cliches? My guess: anyone who speaks with even a tiny bit of nuance is hung out to dry, even by one’s potential political allies.

Example: Senator James Webb said this (re: the “confederate flag” controversy)


He is catching fire for this statement and I am not talking about rational push-back.

Think of it this way: IF the “confederate flag” were only the flag of a former failed state (good source here), well, that would be one thing. Yes, it was a long time ago and many of our ancestors (mine included) did some truly horrible things. There were a lot of otherwise honorable people who simply didn’t know any better and weren’t visionary enough to overcome their cultural environment.

My beef is that the current “confederate flag” (battle flag of Tennessee..and a square version was used by the Northern Virginia army) is used now-a-days as a result of a push-back against the beginning of the civil rights era in the United States:

The rebel flag’s resurgence came long after the Civil War
After the Civil War ended, the battle flag turned up here and there only occasionally — at events to commemorate fallen soldiers.

So, when did the flag explode into prominence? It was during the struggle for civil rights for black Americans, in the middle of the 20th century.

The first burst may have been in 1948. South Carolina politician Strom Thurmond ran for president under the newly founded States Rights Democratic Party, also known as the Dixiecrats. The party’s purpose was clear: “We stand for the segregation of the races,” said Article 4 of its platform.

Why the Confederate flag still flies

At campaign stops, fans greeted Thurmond with American flags, state flags — and Confederate battle flags.

But desegregation progressed.

As it passed milestones like the Supreme Court ruling on Brown vs. Board of Education, which gave black American children access to all schools, the Confederate battle flag popped up more and more.

The one in South Carolina flew since 1962; it was first put up in 1961 as part of the 100 year anniversary of the start of the Civil War.

Senator Webb, though he is too conservative for my tastes, raises some worthy points. But nuance and thoughtfulness doesn’t play well in American politics, especially when the message is “don’t demonize people who aren’t like you.”

That, sadly, is bipartisan.

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Ready to head to Froggy Land (aka TCU)

I always enjoy mathematics conferences: I am about to head to another one. Yes, this time I am giving a talk.

So, I am all but packed (need to pack documents) and ready to go.

Workout notes
rotator cuff
pull ups: 10, 5, 10, 5, 10, 5, 5, 5 (55 total); varied the grip quite a bit.
bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 180, 3 x 180, 10 x 160 (note: by myself so I didn’t push my limits)
military: 2 sets of 10 x 45 dumbbell, 10 x 40 dumbbell

Track: 4 miles (middle lane)

14:31 worth of drills
12:56 1 quicker, 1 easy
24:59 (12:33/12:26) steady and intentional 52:28 total.

Not “fast” but, given where I am, respectable. I need to smooth out my form if I wish to walk a “fast” (read: sub 5:30) marathon this fall. My plan is to do one long walk on Sunday (20 miles or 5 hours), one “pace” workout (10-12 miles) during the week, and fill out the rest with easier walking, running, 5K races, swimming and lifting.

I know that 5:30 isn’t very fast but I haven’t done that since September 2009.

I went to the Midwest (A) All Star game at Dozer park; there were almost 5900 people there. It was a good time. After the fireworks show which ended the evening, I told a lady that I liked her “2012 NCAA Cross Country shirt”. Well her husband is with her and he is Mike DeWitt, a famous racewalking coach who helped out at Augie Hirt’s racewalking group a couple of times. Yes, he actually observed me walking and gave me some tips.

He is now the track coach for Illinois-Springfield and still does racewalking; I feel a couple of paid lessons coming on. No, I’ll never do the judged stuff again (right knee won’t straighten all the way) but I need to smooth out my technique if I am to have success in the longer walks (24 hour, 50 mile, 100 mile); I want to do better at FANS next year.

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