Modern life: too much noise pollution!

Some time ago, I went to a conference in Madison, Wisconsin. The conference center was lovely and had a great view of a lake. There was an open area at on the roof; which I deemed a perfect place to sit, eat my lunch and read. It has many benches. I also noticed it was empty despite the pretty day.

But there came some worker with a large leaf blower going full blast; the racket was deafening. The place was unusable.

You see that on our campus too in in many other places.

As far as my neighborhood: in the spring and summer, it does look pretty and looks as if it should be peaceful. But the second you go out on the porch, someone nearby will fire up their power mower, or leaf blower, or edger; or some Stanley Steemer will park and just generate a deafening racket.

Our neighborhood is set up so that sound travels very easily; if someone is having a normal conversation across the street, it is very easy to listen to from where I am. You can guess the noise level that a symphony of power mowers and leaf blowers generates.


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