Slow but sure

Yes, I did something incredibly stupid. You can find out what I did here (a list of “most” of my very long races; the Netherlands 24 and Houston 24 walks are missing)

But this morning, I did a very leisurely 10K run; the day was perfect and the course was pretty. And oh my goodness I was slow.

Last night I did 3 miles with Cathie (no group members showed); I had thought about going with the 9 minute training group, but they warmed up too fast for me to stay with them! Yes, my 5Ks are in the 8:00-8:20 range and I’ve done 4 mile training runs faster than 9 mpm, but my warm ups are ALWAYS slow; 11-11:30 mpm at the fastest. I just can’t move very well when I start out.

Ok, I should go outside and do something useful.

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