Nuclear energy; gaffes, free speech for professors, etc.

Nuclear Energy It has been a very long time since I had anything to do with nuclear power plant operation. Back then we had main coolant pumps, higher power reactors and the submarine had a screw.

Now-a-days; the subs have less powerful reactors, some rely less on coolant pumps and the Virginia class submarine uses a pump jet propulsor instead of a screw.

What I knew is obsolete. 🙂 Sort of. More here.

Here, Paul Krugman, who is a “lukewarm opponent” of the TPP, pushes back on some of the Obama administration push back to TPP opponents.

College campuses and free speech
In an effort to be accommodating to many different types of students and faculty, some colleges have tried to restrict free speech and to keep faculty from saying anything that might “offend” students, at least in a certain way.

Here is one professor’s push-back.

In today’s world; what faculty say, even on line and in newspaper column comments is subject to scrutiny and possibly negative consequences.

Now I don’t like what either of these professors said. But are we getting to the point in which professor’s public comments on the big issues of the day are subject to being straight jacketed?

Now I don’t want to conflate issues. Yes, I’d be fore firing a creationist biology professor or astronomy professor for incompetence, just as I’d fire a mathematics professor who tried to teach mathematical nonsense like this or this.

Competence matters.

So, if you want to fire, say, a holocaust denying history professor, well, good. That person would be too incompetent to teach history.

But what if I had genuine doubts and expressed them in public? (no, I am not a history professor) Would that be a fireable offense? By the way: I don’t have any doubts; to me, simple arithmetic seals the deal. Just look at the Jewish population before and after, as well as mountains and mountains of documents, much of which the Nazis generated.

What if someone really gave some credence to, say The Bell Curve (the book) stuff and they wanted to honestly discuss this in public?
Personally, I’d enjoy the challenge of having an honest discussion and debate with someone who honestly holds such ideas.

Now of course, others in other professions (e. g. politicians) should have more PR savvy than this.

Yes, this is a Democrat and yes, this was stupid. She is probably toast.


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