Mission accomplished: I know where the red wing blackbird nest is.

Today’s walk: 18.4 miles (just under 30 km) in 4:39; I was at 18 in 4:33 and added .4 miles to make sure I got over 18.

Weather: sort of muggy; 71 F, 84 percent humidity at the start; 80 F, 64 percent at the end. It started out overcast and then showered a few times…and had bright sun a few times…all in the same walk.


Route: up Maplewood to Columbia Terrace; Broadway to McClure to Sheridan, at which point I picked up the old Boredom course; which I followed to mile 7 (8 from the House; 2:02) I took the Bike Path (Rock Island; saw a deer there); I followed that route to old Woodruff High School (2:44), at which point I did 2 miles on the track (29:29; 4 laps in lane 2, 4 in lane 1 with a correction) then back (via the Goose Loop; 3:55 at Hooters) to finish in 4:33…but I was worried that it might not be 18 miles so I did a .4 mile loop (past Markin to Bradley Ave.) to get…it turns out..18.4. The map had my original route at 15.99 (without the 2 track miles).


The good: it wasn’t that difficult (and as slow as it was, it shouldn’t have been). This was my best since October 2014.
The bad: well, look at how slow it was; it took the track miles (near mile 11) to perk me up a bit.
The essential: every year, at about this time, the dreaded red winged blackbirds start nesting. There is usually one or two who attack and it is essential to find out where the aggressive one is. I found it:


It was sitting on a sign and attacked me as I went along the sidewalk. Next time: I cross a bit further up; I’ll have to wait for a big break in traffic and maybe run a bit. My goodness, I hate these things:

They are known for attacking:

Sometimes these nasty things merely escort you.

Other thing: well, I wanted to see how my body would hold up to heat. It was…ok; I’d give it a C+ today.

But…do I tray a “fun” 12 hour (goal: 50K hot, 60 km cool) or 24 hour (goal: 50 mile if hot; perhaps 100 km if cool…breaks/naps planned in) in 3 week’s time? I’ll make my decision after next week’s walk, which should be longer (maybe 90 minutes more?)

The reality is that while I stood up well to today’s walk, I felt is “oh so slightly” in the stomach and wonder what shape my stomach would have been given 2-3-4 more hot hours. My intensity was slightly too much to be sustainable.


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