The BS goes on and doesn’t stop until death…

Workout notes: 4 mile run on the treadmill. I had thought about going outside and started outside, but the knees hurt just a little so I thought that a softer surface would help. And it did.

It took 42:35 which, these-a-days, while not a great run, is, for me, a decent run. I was ok with it.

Today’s BS

One down…one to go. The “one down” is graduation exercises.

Sometimes, I think “ok, the BS finally stops TODAY” but, in reality, it WILL stop one day: the day of my death. Until then; well, it is a principle of life.

The graduation was dreadful; it went on for 75 minutes before they finally got to the students. Our outgoing president took away 16 more minutes of my life; the only saving thing is that I saw a couple of our stronger students (who I was proud of) and I got to give one a “thumbs up”. And some were creative; one had a unicorn horn on her cap; another had her “service dog” which also had a cap.

Our president asked those in the audience not to make noise (whoop, holler, clap) and of course, many in the crowd did. At times, it became a contest.

Afterward, there was a short commissioning ceremony for a couple of ROTC graduates. My feelings are mixed; I wonder if the military stuff ought to be kept separate as we are not a military school. I do wonder about the standing ovation; remember that these guys haven’t actually done anything yet; this is not the case of giving an ovation to those who have served in combat.

As far as faculty: yeah, there was almost half a “faculty row” empty, and yes, when you arrived, there was someone checking your name off of a list (allegedly for security but…)

Well, this is one rock taken out of the shoe and, for me, the semester is finally over.

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