Travel thoughts (on the way back)

Workout notes: hotel: 5 minutes elliptical (someone on the treadmill) 22:40 on the treadmill (5 minutes at 11 minutes per mile, then 1 mile in 8:54 (.5 at 6.7, .5 at 6.8), 1 mile in 8:13 (.25 at 7, 7.2, 7.4, 7.6) then 1 mile on the exercise bike to cool down.

Drove to pick up Olivia and we are headed back and holed up for the night.

Travel Thoughts
Large truck traffic is out of control on I-80. Sometimes there are so many trucks that it looks like a freight train….driving is basically moving from one truck clog to another. It is terrible. Even worse: they block your vision of some of the highway signs.

But apart from the trucks …well..there was little BUT truck traffic on this toll road. Remember the song “Convoy” (1970’s, I think)?

Well now, it is the normal situation.

And of course, our highways are a joke; the truck traffic plus shoddy construction means that the IH highways are ALWAYS under repair.

Seriously, I really find long distance driving to be unpleasant and more unpleasant by the year.

Mapquest If it gives you some “short cut” to get somewhere; avoid it. It mapped me over several miles of 35 mph road that appeared to look like multi-lane highways.Ooops, I looked at the map and I turned the wrong way and hence didn’t see the street that it was trying to take me to. If you are like me, it helps to see the local map in advance. *I* was the moron here.

Travel stops Many of these have internet. And at one stop, I saw a large group of Amish people traveling. I didn’t want to stare as they are people and not an amusement part attraction. But I did find their clothes (men and women alike) to be interesting.


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