Not ready…yet…getting there

Well, it is a good thing that my marathon is not until October. But that is a lot of time and I am making good progress.


Today’s walk: Riverplex (back entrance) to the old “start” of the East Peoria Bike Path (57:20), up 1:04:20, 53 seconds extra (thought about going further; changed my mind), 1:01:24 back, 56 back to the entrance (4:00:02) then 16 more minutes (to the mini loop just past the .5 mile mark) for 16.5 miles in 4:16.

Of note: CVS was nice to me; they let me use the bathroom and consequently I bought 2 bottles of water (forgot to pack it); I guzzled one of them in route and the other when I finished.
I saw a bunny, an opossum (crossing the bike path) and a bird with a wound in its wing. I also encountered a panhandler (sounded like a “special needs”) and a few cyclists; I saw only 4 runners and 2-3 other walkers.
It was overcast; rain appeared to be threatening but it never materialized.

Upshot: this was easier than a 13 at a similar pace a few weeks ago. But oh goodness, I am slow though my endurance is starting to build again. I can feel it.

I admit that I started off with heavy legs due to the hilly 5K yesterday.


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