Workouts: working with others and other stuff

Workout notes: last night, 3 run/walk with the group; we went over the bridge.
Today: after my final exam, walked .3 to the start of Bradley park, 3 “slightly more than 1 mile” loops on the grass (almost exactly 13 minutes each; 39:18 total), 1.7 mile walk back.
In days past, those were 10-11 minute loops.

I felt the effects in my legs; my thighs worked. The knees complained some and the back got a bit stiff.

The night before, I took the group over the Bob Michael Bridge. It was hill work for them as they were not used to it. But this group is more intense than they were last year; they WANT to be challenged and they have told me that they enjoy it.

I did look with envy at the 9 minute per mile pace group: they did some speed work. Of course, the group leaders were younger and slender, as one might expect.
There was a time when 9 minute miles was an easy recovery pace for me…but that has NOT been true for several years now; perhaps a decade or so?

So, I am getting to the age where some of the pace groups are simply too fast for me to even think about leading. And frankly; our leaders are growing grayer each year; we need new blood.


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