Please Liberals: the Bible DOES condemn homosexual sex

And yes, I am talking about the “tolerant” New Testament. Sure, as far as the Old Testament (Jewish Bible, really), yes, there was some dispute as to how much applied to the early Christians and, as far as kosher laws, those were effectively rescinded in Acts 10.

But there are New Testament texts against homosexual acts. The discussion here is quite good. And before you talk about Romans 1 being against heterosexuals engaging in homosexual acts, remember that homosexuality was really unknown at that time; it was believed that homosexual acts were just another type of sex act. It wasn’t until the 19’th century did we come to understand that some were just predisposed that way.

Yes, nowhere in the gospels are homosexual acts mentioned. But also remember that the letters of Paul were written well BEFORE the canonical gospels were written; somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-50 years prior to that. And it is also mentioned that the gospels were, at best, an incomplete record of what Jesus was supposed to have said and did.

I think that Chris Sosa gets it right:

But there’s an incredibly good reason LGBT folks and their allies should agree with anti-gay Christians that the Bible condemns them: if we bother arguing that the Bible supports us, we’re conceding its validity as a moral text. And once we free ourselves from its shackles, fundamentalists can just use it to abuse the next minority group unfortunate enough to stumble across their path.

The key point is that it absolutely does not matter what the Bible says about LGBTs or any other grouping of people. We don’t even need to spend time denouncing the Bible’s abhorrent stances on everything from slavery to rape, because it just isn’t important. The Bible is an epic historical text that traces the way a large group of religious people understand their general genealogy and evolution of identity.

Taking a single ancient anthology as an evergreen moral blueprint is a problem that cannot be understated. Whether or not the source is good or evil isn’t the issue. Ethical perspectives evolve over time and shouldn’t be bound by the musings of ancient writers who had absolutely no imagining of our contemporary world.

Is it ok if I give a loud AMEN to this?

Really, why should the Bible (or any other collection of religious writings) be taken as an authority for ANYTHING?


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