Pamela Geller on CNN: comes across well.

It is highly likely that I don’t agree with Pamela Geller on much of anything.

But on this video, she comes across as the far more reasonable of the two:

Now as far as what her lead speaker said: so what? True, I find all dogmatic religions to be rather…well ridiculous. Hey, by all means, get together and socialize and if you end up doing good works: WONDERFUL. Many religious groups do feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc. And I admit that some (many?) places of worship challenge people to live a better life. That is great.

But as far as the supernatural mumbo-jumbo: whatever. I find nothing to respect in that aspect of faith. So for me, it is all Zeus vs. Thor.

Now as the video itself: Professor Jerry Coyne is right, IMHO. I encourage you to read what he has to say. Here is a bit of it:

But until now I’ve done what many of us do, which is to go with the tide of liberal opinion and simply accept what we hear about her (and others who are demonized) from vocal Leftists. They may well be correct in calling Geller an “Islamophobe”—that is, somebody who hates Muslims rather than just Islam—but I’d rather find out if that’s true from reading her statements rather than from listening to liberals who dislike her. After all, we’re supposed to be skeptics. The failure to exercise proper skepticism, for example, is what led liberals like Garry Trudeau into misguided denunciations of Charlie Hebdo. They simply didn’t do their homework. And when it comes to religion, especially Islam, it’s unwise to follow the tide of liberal opinion without due diligence. So I’m going to start at the beginning and say that although I don’t agree with Geller on some things, I’m not yet convinced that she hates individual Muslims rather than Islam and what its religious dictates portend for Western democracies.

And when it comes to saying “all good liberals ought to be for X or against Y”: in my opinion, we are every bit as bad as conservatives.


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