You are not awesome. We are both rather average…

Workout notes
running only; I had set out to do a recovery run followed by my usual weight session. But the legs felt better than expected and so I just ran a moderate 8.1 miles (hilly Cornstalk course)

Time: 1:26:40 (43:29/43:11) which is in line with my previous “modest but not hard” efforts. I need to do more of these.
When I was coming up the upper Bradley Park hill the first time, some women’s track team members were doing hill repeats. I joked that I would “not show them up”.

Also, some young guy was going about the same duration of time that I was; he smiled at me and when we were going in the same direction, he blew past me as if I were running in place. Sigh.

One one hand I hate that I’ve slowed so damned much. On the other hand, I am grateful that I can run at all, at it doesn’t feel that different to me. It is as if all of my courses have been “stretched out”.

Get off of my lawn
Of of my pet peeves is the way that language has changed. I really don’t like the overuse of the word “awesome”. When I grew up, “awesome” meant something awe inspiring; completely out of the ordinary. Now it means “I like that”.

But that isn’t going to change; eventually the convention will change to something different.


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