Backing off a bit..for now

I think that my blow up at yesterday’s race (or maybe more accurately: “fade in the last mile”) might be attributed to both my failing to keep “1 hour at a good pace” runs in (for strength) and perhaps to my ramping up my longish walks too quickly. I am not sure.

So this morning, I backed off of the go-go-go mindset and did something different.

I started at the Tower, walked south to pick up the bike path and then walked to the road next to Midstate.


The 4.3 section (probably a bit further) was done in 1:04:51. I then continued from the tower (after a pit stop) to the trail head on Grandview Terrace, and it went as follows:
7:24 to the trail head, 24:15 to the outer loop, 1:03:51 for the loop, 26:42 back up, 8:29 to the Tower. 3:15:34 total (about 2:11 for the 7 mile trail segment).

I didn’t exactly kill myself out there but it wasn’t merely strolling (though the pace might suggest that). It was “steady, deliberate but easy”.

On the trail, I saw the Women’s Basketball Coach and we had a chat; it was interesting.

There were a few people on the trail; it appeared that the older hikers suffered more on the uphills than the younger ones.

I don’t feel overly tired; my body appears to be adapting to the longer walks. But the 5K run: terrible!


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