One sign that I am aging (one of many)

Here is one thing that is very different for me: in past years, I almost always timed my runs and walks.

Now, if it isn’t an official “speed” day or a race and I am doing a familiar course, I don’t bother to start my watch. I just go.

Reason one: this ensures that I go slowly enough to recover and
Reason two: I really don’t want to know how slowly I am slogging; it is too depressing. My guess: my slow pace is on the order of 11:30-11:45 mpm. There was a time when a 10 minute pace was a joke, and many years ago, 9 minutes per mile was a leisurely jog. Those days are GONE.

Now 9 mpm is sort of “tempo-ish” for me and even a 10 mpm pace is work. That is why I didn’t offer to help lead the 10 mpm pace group at Building Steam; it is too close to a “challenging workout pace” for me.

But given my current 5K time, this isn’t a surprise.



April 29, 2015 - Posted by | running |

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