Memories and reality

14 mile walk in 3:34; this was the old Boredom course.


I started at 7:40; I wish I had started 1 hour earlier. Still, it was chilly at the start and just lovely, though auto traffic had picked up on the final third of the course.
I saw one small training group out there and Peggy Shadid as well; she was jogging easily with a friend and a dog. She won the female open Steamboat 15K multiple times as well as MANY other races; I’ve seen her run a 3:04 marathon and a 38 minute 10K.

I told her that I was tempted to turn around and show her up; she and her friend had a good laugh. 🙂

The course I did (14 miles) consists of the “middle 10” miles of the classic Boredom course: (I pick it up at Sheridan and McClure)


But that brought back memories. I first did the Boredom course in the Summer of 1998 when I was taking part of the Illinois Valley Striders marathon training group; in those days the 12 mile course took me about 1:40-1:45 to do (at an easy pace). The 14 took around 2 hours.

In 2003-2005, as a walker, I did the 14 mile course in just under 3 hours (2:56-2:57); that was when I walked a marathon in 4:44, a hilly trail 50K in 7:14, a paved 50K in 6:20 and the 100 mile in 23:40 (101 in 24).
Now I am over half an hour slower with the same effort.

I remind myself of this not to lament the expected degradation of my abilities but to remind myself of where I am so I can set realistic goals.

So, for the October marathon, 5:45 would be a good goal for the marathon walk. Maybe I can aim for 9:30 for the McNotAgain and, if those two events go well…who knows; maybe something special in late December or early January (in a southern climate!).

But a 100 miler isn’t going to happen again, unless I enter a flat 48 hour race and really pace myself, take naps, etc. I simply don’t have another one in me.

So, I can still get out there, go hard and have fun! But, to put it simply, the events I enter ARE going to take me longer and some events in my past are now beyond my reach. But that’s ok; others get to enjoy those now. 🙂


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