Following one’s own advice

Workout notes
swim: 2 x 250 (slower than 5 each), 5 x 100 (fist/free) on the 2:10 (1:53/1:57 each)
4 x 250 on the 5 (4:40, 4:43, 4:47, 4:50 (lazy)), 200 fins (4 x 25 back, 4 x 25 fly)

This was “just swim”.

Advice I follow a lot of people on Facebook, including many runners. And time and time again, I’ve seen someone work up to running a 5K at, say, 8:40 mpm, and then try to move to doing lots of half marathons, marathons, and then attempt an ultra.

All the while, they get slower, slower and slower until it is downright painful to watch them attempt to run.

When I returned to running (1996), I ran for about a year prior to running a half marathon for time (as a 38 year old) and I ran a 1:40 and didn’t injure myself.

So, I kind of “tut-tut” to myself about the mistake I think that the new runners are making….though it is none of my business.

Then I ask myself: WHO is entertaining thoughts of a 12 hour walk this June, given his current is a painfully slow 3:48 walk? Hmmmm?

Yeah, that is the old “I remember doing 100 miles” talking but while the brain and memory is still there, the body isn’t.

BUT, I am on track to be able to train for a walking marathon in October and IF that goes well, 30 miles in November and maybe, just maybe, a paved bike path 50 miler with a 14 hour time limit in late December (Houston, TX) (goal might be to crack 13 hours; I last did that in 2009 during a 24 hour).


I need to get to where a 6-7-8 hour training walk at a relaxed pace is comfortable first. THEN I can entertain such thoughts. I need to follow my own advice.

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