one bit of progress (not quite a long walk)

I slept in a bit as we went to a Chiefs baseball game; they won 15-4. The Chiefs got 17 hits.

I started at 8 am and walked until 11:50 or so (3:48 walking time): 32:30 (2.16) to the Cemetery, 21:18 (1.33), 21:34 (1.33) for 2 Cemetery laps (big hill), 3:43 (.23) to the W. Peoria track, 33:08, 33:08, 31:33, 33:11 (2.15 mile segments, 20 X 0.43), 4:37 (.29) mini lap, 12:45 back home (.81) (3:47 total). This added up to 14.75, though I counted it as 14. Pace: a very slow 15:30; my old 14:30 “cruise pace” is my new 15:30. Sigh.

But I was grateful to be out there; there was a threat of rain that never materialized, so I got it all outside today. It was cool…pleasant.

I saw Larry out training and an older woman who was having some health problems; she walked a bit on the W. Peoria track.

As far as my walk; I started to feel “I can’t do this at about mile 10, but I ended up with almost 5 more miles; it was if my body discovered new energy stores or something.

Building to 11 more miles will be a challenge but I’ve got 5.5 more months to do it.

April 19, 2015 - Posted by | walking |

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