Why I am boycotting our 5K runs and my gym; how they can get me back

5K run:

I went to a 5K run; after I finished I stuck around for the food, the raffle and the awards. They called people up to get medals…by “age group.” Then I noticed that they did not call my name.

I went up to ask why. They told me that the fastest man, the fastest woman, and the fastest person in each respective age/sex group gets an award. The FASTEST.

Now how is that fair? I was out on the course longer than my age group winner (a whole lot longer!). I pointed out how unfair that was!

The race director told me that the age group winner could get like me by gaining weight and reducing his training. That was uncalled for!

Then I saw the race results. They were listed by time….in order of finish…with the fastest runners listed at the top!

Why, that makes me feel bad! Such practices should be stopped immediately!

The gym
I can’t use the gym anymore either. In the weight room, they have all of these big plates for the barbells:


And you have guys doing bench presses with 3 (or more!) of these on each side of the barbell.

That makes me feel bad!

I’m writing a petition to the gym to get the excess 45 pound plates removed so that there are only 2 per bar; I am tired of getting shamed.

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