Change of heart….


I’ve decided that the critics are correct: running isn’t good for you. So no more running for me. Instead I’ll sleep in and eat a hearty breakfast:

American breakfast-1278891

My back is a bit sore, so I figure some homeopathic remedies and some reflexology will help. I know what scientists say, but they have such closed minds.

Personal changes
No football for me this year.

I’d say that I’d boycott gyms that allow spandex to be worn as outer wear, but I no longer work out hard. Perhaps I can find a Planet Fitness somewhere where the weights are light and no spandex is allowed. Besides I am tired of being intimidated. Every time someone bench presses 300+ pounds, it hurts my feelings.

And I am going to quit walking to work and I am going to sell my Prius and buy one of these:


Political and Social

Here is a great article about why the newly passed Indiana law is an excellent idea (via: an op. ed. by Governor Pence in The Wall Street Journal)

We have a Presidential Election coming up next year. I am backing Ted Cruz. Here is why. (via Newsmax)

This is the sort of leadership we need in the Senate: Senator Jim Inhofe exposes the “global warming hoax” very convincingly.


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