Internet PTSD/trigger meme

I admit that I was puzzled over where these memes came from, even though I knew about the current “trigger warning” movement that is taking place in academia:



It turns out that an “internet activist” claimed that internet stalking and bullying lead to her being incapacitated by PTSD….seriously. Hence, the genesis of the meme.

Now the second meme: you see the twitter symbol indicating where she …uh…”acquired PTSD” and the “bring our brave girl home” is, of course, her comparison of her “experience” to that of soldiers in battle.

But what about the “i crie every tiem”?

The idea is that this activist’s story is so sad that it makes the author of the meme cry…and this way of saying it comes from, well…here: the poptart tragedy


Oh well.


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  1. “The Poptart Tragedy” is the best thing I’ve ever read. Thank you for this, lol.

    Comment by Matthew Eobard Grayson | December 1, 2016 | Reply

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