Komen Half Marathon 2014: tired of the hilly courses

Well, it was better than I did last year; that is about it.


The facts: Komen Half Marathon in 2:15:45. I was 70 out of 104, 29/32 males, 15/17 of master’s men, 4/4 in 55-59 AG. Here is what is ironic: I finished behind 16 relay teams but ahead of 9 teams; my percentage place would have been slightly higher had I just called myself a relay team!

I was 1:06:07 half way; 1:09:38 for the second half. Side note: a guy who beat me by 2 minutes at last weekend’s Forward March beat me by 9 minutes today; this was not a good performance though I was happy that I didn’t have to stop and walk. And with my cool down walk I did get 15 miles total, and I did some “butt to the chair” weightless squats.

The relevant issue: I’ve had quite a few long walks, but the 9 miles (1 warm up, 8 run) I ran last weekend was my longest run since the Steamboat 15K in June, and today was my longest run (without an extended walking period) since June 2013, when I ran a 2:01 half marathon in Galesburg on a far easier course.

I simply wasn’t in running shape.

The course (so the splits make sense)
Miles 1-2 are flat to slightly downhill; there is a slight rise over the Bob Michael Bridge (perhaps 50-60 feet). Mile 3 is on the Cedar Street Bridge (70-80 feet), and miles 4-6 are flat to slight upgrade.

Miles 6-10 are very hilly (Springdale) and the last 2.5 miles are mostly downhill to the River.

It isn’t exactly the Bridge to Bridge plus the Forward March but it is close to that.

The event: good traffic control, aid, etc. But it seems as if all of the Peoria Half Marathons are hill, hill, hill. The River City course isn’t that tough though as it features only the “river to the bluff” hill.

It is a small race though; only 104 finishers and 25 two person relay teams.

Splits (missed mile 2)
10:24 (29:35) Cedar Street Bridge
10:02 (49:31 at 5)
10:02 (59:34 at 6)
11:23 (1:44:52 at 10) Hill to Prospect
11:05 (final 1.1) (10:04 pace).

30:53 for the final 5K; about 1:01 for the first 10K. The rest was, well, look at the splits. The hill portion just killed me.

I started off ok; I saw Steve Shane (who was to run 1:45), Debbie Fischer (relay) and I ran with a former ultra runner. I stayed with probably too fast of a crowd at first, though I felt that I was holding back. People really pulled away from me during the Springdale part, though I managed to catch a few of them back during mile 10.

I admit to being grumpy at times; I was chilly, slightly breezy (not unusually windy), overcast, and my legs ached. I wanted to flip off those saying the perfunctory “goodjob”; I’d rather be left alone when my mood goes south.

But, looking back, this was simply a lack of event specific preparation. I HAVE trained to walk long but not to push the pace for 2-2:15 while running.

Note: my warm up included .6 miles on the treadmill and a few minutes of outside jogging. My Succeed tablets kept the nausea away (not an issue today) but if I am not going to use a water bottle, I need to plan better. Getting the tablet out of the bottle that I carry them in is hard to do if I am taking water from a cup; I should have popped the pill in my mouth PRIOR to getting to the water station.

Other running: photos from last week’s Forward March:




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