Weight session with snowflakes…

Only weights; felt strong
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 with hip hikes, Achilles
bench: 10 x 135, 2 x 180, 6 x 170, 4 x 170 (rotator cuff)
incline: 10 x 135
dumbbell military: 3 sets of 10 x 45 (stronger);
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 65 (dumbbell)
pull downs: 3 sets of (7 x 160, 7 x 100 low)
Hammer rows: 2 sets of 10 x 200
weightless squats, McKenzie.

I felt good.

One thing different about the university gym: almost all of the snowflakes take their “smart phones” with them and text in between sets, even during the early morning hours. I honestly don’t get it…not sure that I want to get it.

A few even text during class…and then get lost when I am doing a problem for them.

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Human mating and “objectification of women”

This video is 20 minutes long, but it worth the time.

I really like her videos. She scripts them in advance and makes her case very carefully, using logic, evolutionary science and historical context. The upshot: much can be explained by the cost of propagating one’s genes. And, while women seek to be sexy, they are selective about who they want attention from.

The feminists I’ve heard from (at least on social media) argue as if genetic programming didn’t exist; it is all “blank slate” for them.

And yes, men get “objectified” as well, but in different ways; i.e., we are judged more by our bank accounts and job status than we are by our looks.

About this lady: I find her arguments to be vastly superior to what I regularly see on the internet or what others post on my wall on Facebook. She doesn’t merely repeat slogans or go along with the same old tired basic assumptions that so many liberals blindly take for granted.



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Animal Camouflage (part ???)

Can you spot the snow leopards? (via Matthew Cobb at Jerry Coyne’s website)

This isn’t impossible, but it isn’t easy either.

I remember seeing a cottontail rabbit yesterday; it was sitting on some leaves and you could look right at it and not see it. I wish that I had a high resolution camera at the time.

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I wish that I were as smart as this dog…


You might even win the battle, but pay too high a price. 🙂

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chase the pace treadmill

It is dark when I get up, so I decided to run on the treadmill and do a short cool down walk outside.

I started at 5.5 mph (0.5 correction elevation) and increased the pace by 0.1 mph every 2 minutes until I got to 20 minutes, at which point I kept it at 6.7 mph until 2.5, the 6.8 to 3.0, then 6.9, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 for each 0.25 mile segment then 7.3 for 0.1.

The idea: start well slower than 10 mpm and see when I reach a 10 mpm average pace; I did so at just over 22 minutes today.

10:36, 20:12, 29:06, 37:39, 38:30 for 4.11 (27:54 for 5 km).

Then a slightly over 1 mile cool down walk outside; it was pretty but chilly (just over freezing)

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Some of Richard Dawkins

I can sum up most of what he says:

“just because we can’t provide an answer to this question doesn’t mean that we have to conjecture an existence of this god or that god. And why should be favor your god vs. that god.”

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Do I want to work out today?


Our guys are just as addicted to the brand (Lululemon) as we are (they’re just less interested in wearing it, more interested in how our ass looks in the Wonder Under pant). Hey, look all you want guys,


(click the small photo to see at the original site)

I suppose that I’ll workout after all. 🙂 (ok, I am running outside and it is still dark, but what the heck)

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Women getting Cat-calls, part II

I wrote about this earlier. Of course, the actress in the video is getting threats, including rape and death threats. Yes, there are a lot of sociopaths out there.

But the video itself, which features a lot of black guys saying stuff, is catching flack for being racist or for overreating to some greetings which are more or less harmless.

I wonder if there is some culture clash going on; I know that when I went out with a male friend in a mostly black neighborhood in Baltimore to dance and do stuff, the culture was a bit different from what I was used to; people were more direct. I didn’t feel unsafe or anything, but I was unused to the directness.

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Time for Bradley Basketball (and other mid major programs) to face reality?

Today’s Peoria Journal Star ran a Krik Wessler column which decried the growing gap between the “haves” (programs from the “power 5” conferences) and the “have nots”, aka “mid majors”). Since the power 5 teams have more autonomy under the new NCAA guidelines, that gap might grow. That isn’t the reason for this post though; I want to comment on something Wessler said to open the column:

The past five years have shown us what’s possible on a college basketball court. If Butler can reach the NCAA championship game twice, if Wichita State can make the Final Four one year and run to a 35-0 record and a No. 1 national ranking the next, why not … Bradley?

Yes, “why not?” indeed. But….there might be a good reason for “why it would be bad to keep trying”.

The first item: athletic departments, with few exceptions, lose money. Some individual sports generate revenue but few generate enough revenue to make the entire athletic department self sustaining. In particular, Bradley’s athletic department is losing several million dollars a year! As of 2010, the men’s basketball program…itself, barely broke even (24,000 in the black in 2010).

Revenues are flat; people are not showing up to games in large numbers (here) and attendance has been going down steadily (here)

Second item: mid majors are rarely successful at the national level. You might have a Butler here and a Gonzaga there, but think of all of those who do not make a national splash. Those who have a run at the national level are truly outliers…sort of akin to lottery winners. The Missouri Valley Conference hasn’t exactly dominated in play outside the conference.

Third item: not spending guarantees failure, but spending really doesn’t improve one’s chances of success. That is, spending (money Bradley doesn’t have) will “improve” Bradley’s chances from, say, 1 out of 1000 to 1 out of 100. Yeah, we might have an NIT run in one decade and perhaps a Sweet 16 appearance in another decade. But consistent success is virtually unattainable.

So, perhaps a permanent split in division I might be best for us; we might be a better fit for division II or perhaps for something akin to football’s “FCS” division.

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Been in Peoria, IL long enough to “get used to the gunfire”

I was discussing things with an individual; chances are that my workplace *might* be hiring one or two new people in my department. MIGHT. So, the usual “what are the challenges that we face when recruiting” come up (e. g. we are mostly limited to US citizens/legal residents (“green card”), etc.) and one of our limitations is that…well, we are in Peoria, IL.

My friend said that “Peoria has a worse reputation than it deservers” and I raised an eyebrow. He admitted that we are neither a small town nor a large city. But he brought up that “there are things to do in Peoria (true)”, etc. But there is crime.

And he made the following statement…NOT made in jest: “and you eventually get used to the gunfire.” Seriously, he really said that.

Let that sink in…and this was an attempt to convince me that Peoria was NOT as bad as its reputation. Just think about that.

Oh, there is winter, sidewalks buried by snow plows and idiotic city officials who raid people over twitter posts. You can read the comments here.

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