Football remarks

Navy’s loss to Western Kentucky surprised me a little. Navy doesn’t appear to be quite as sharp as last year, though Ohio State is a good team and Rutgers is respectable. But WKU: lost to Illinois and…


Illinois: the 45-14 loss to Nebraska was all-too-expected. Expectations are so low that the Champaign Newspaper gave the Illini team a C- for being…competitive in the first quarter? The reality is that Illinois would be a strong Sun Belt or Conference USA team; we don’t have the over all team talent to compete with Big Ten teams ….save perhaps…perhaps Purdue.


But Purdue has at least played well against Iowa and Notre Dame; I am not so sure that Illinois would have stayed that close.

Texas: Kansas is not a good team; Texas winning is hardly a surprise.
Screen shot 2014-09-28 at 4.40.07 PM

Note: Kansas fired their coach Charlie Weis:

On-field results, however, weren’t the only factor that cost Weis his job. Kansas announced an attendance of just 36,904 for Texas, even after Weis pleaded with fans leading up to the game to fill Memorial Stadium.

Ugh…I know of a team that I follow that is having that sort of attendance at home games.

Notre Dame: quietly having a good season. But how will Notre Dame do against a strong Stanford squad next week?


Other notes: though my pick of Duke over Miami was a miss, my pick of Minnesota over a reeling Michigan team was right on.


I was also surprised at how easily Northwestern handled Penn State. I saw that one; they physically whipped them.


The Rams were off. The Bears reverted to form (38-17 loss at home to the Packers) and Tampa Bay rebounded from a 56-14 defeat last week to beat the Steelers 27-24; the defense got the ball back in the final minute and the offense scored with 7 seconds to go.


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